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#MuslimAlly from
 Dover,, PA
I have been following and supporting the election campaign of Qasim Rashid (running for Virginia State Senate) and admire his approach and faith. We ALL need to get along in this world.
Roy Brouwer 
#MuslimAlly from
 Greenfield, WI
Ali Husnain 
Muslim from
Trien Van 
#MuslimAlly from
 Coral Springs, FL
Michelle S. 
#MuslimAlly from
 Camden, DE
Interfaith dialogue about jewish,christian and muslim get united together
#MuslimAlly from
 San Gabriel, CA
I support this campaign because I am tired of seeing religious persecution in this world. I do not follow any religion myself but believe that all religions are helpful to provide a sense of togetherness in a community. Jewish communities, Muslim communities, and Christian communities once coexisted peacefully and I hope that one day we can all live peacefully again. War is inevitable in this world, but war in the name of religion is inexcusable.
Chad S. 
#MuslimAlly from
 Lakefield, MN
I believe that Muslims often have a bad reputation in western countries due to the acts of a few supposed muslims who barely represent our religion
Abdelrahman E. 
Muslim from
 Cairo Egypt, OTHER
I want to dispel all the myths that have been spread about Islam.
Farzana Zafar Akbar 
Muslim from
 London, OTHER
I support this campaign because I believe that love, kindness, facts, and education can (and will) overcome hate, bigotry, and misinformation.
#MuslimAlly from
 Spokane, WA
I am supporting this campaign as a Muslim we are to love all of mankind, respect and be humble to each other's understanding as Allah created us all
Sandra Barry 
Muslim from
 Philadelphia, PA
I'm supporting this campaign because I refuse to believe that any God or religion would preach or condone evil. If Islam is really what so many Muslims preach it to be, then that's not because it is the truth, but because they have, willfully or unintentionally, been misinformed.
Chanuri K. 
#MuslimAlly from
 Malabe, OTHER
I'm in support of this campaign with 100% because I am a Muslim and the campaign belongs to all Muslims worldwide (Sabiu Bello Hanafari)
Muslim from
 Abuja, Nigeria., OTHER
Freedom and human rights are the main principles of Life.... TLW
#MuslimAlly from
 Trujillo, OTHER
Dana Kelly 
Muslim from
 Boise, ID
Schmila M. 
Muslim from
 Atlanta, GA
We are one humanity with 7 billion plus pieces. It is a puzzle to solve not a problem to be fixed. I’m glad to support the cause of peace.
Morris Jensby 
#MuslimAlly from
 Salt Lake City, UT
I support this campaign because most people take Muslim to be extremist and people who don't like peace Islam is a religion of peace🙏🙏
Aisha Ramadan 
Muslim from
 Nairobi,Kenya, OTHER
Akeem Mustapha 
#MuslimAlly from
 Ogbomoso, OTHER
I am supporting this campaign because there are many people out there who are misguided and blinded by the lies in social media. They often link Terrorism with Islam which is obviously wrong. I believe they need to be educated about the true nature/meaning of Islam. We arent a violent religion. Those Extremists do not represent Islam.
Muslim from
 Singapore, OTHER
Salem B. 
Muslim from
 Alabama, AL
All the ugliness in the world can be traced back to turning away from our raw and beautiful heart. Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships, John Welwood I say “Come home.”
Kathleen Johnson 
Muslim from
 Seattle, WA
Katherine Axon 
#MuslimAlly from
 Kansas City, KS
Laurene D. 
#MuslimAlly from
 Paris, OTHER
I am supporting this campaign Programe
Muslim from
 Lagos, OTHER

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